Tuesday, 19 July 2011


HELLO....da bape hari da  ta menulis....hmm..quite busy with my partime job..huhu (part time job la sngt..)...bdw,,Harry Potter for d final one da klua kan,,so..my siblings include me,went to the cinema n watched Harry !..yaaa! mmg bestt...2 hours we were in the cinema,,n finally the storie was ending  with great great ending...i dunno .nothng much .what i am suppost to tell u because i already knw the story b4,,i  read the books of harry for hundreds time before...huhu,,so...the plot of the story da hafal da..=p..but,,,apepun..rasa sedih..sbb after diz will be no more harry....that story was my story since my childhood until now,,tp skrg da hbs....Thanks for making my childhood complete.Thnx  J.K Rowling!!. ..=')

EHH!!...cam kenal minah nie,,camne dia ley sampai sini..haha..=p,,
sorie maria,,im joking..XD

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atiqa aris said...

tibe2 maria elena blakon dlm cite haru potter.haha