Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Maria Elena & Dato Wedding

Last weekend, Saturday , i got an invitation for their wedding in Seremban . Luckily it was my day free from any works or assignment to submit, that is always give me a big headache and terible! So i can go and meet them there for among the famous couple wedding of the year! =)

Of course this is not the 1st time i meet dato(Asfirdaus) .I know Dato since his school day and he also used to be my mother's friend son. Dato is such a kind and good person.He's friendly guy and seriously the combination with Maghia (Maria Elena) now look like 'bagai pinang dibelah dua' because both of them are very matching and catchy  in terms of physical and their attitude. 

And...... how about the famous blogger in the worldd yeahh...OMG WORLD?? ..haha..=P.....FL or Fatin Liyana..let it be the secret among us until we revealed it to the press..Eceh Ceh Cehhhhhh...Pelasan..XD





Malu-malu hamster nampak...Jap..Which couple yang malu-malu atas pelamin ni??! =P


Simple pelamin for the Bride but look nice because it look romantic n beautiful with the striking red colour of Roses and other flowers.

  Seems like this Pakcik baju biru ni very familiar kan...
  Maria's Dady...


Kak Maghiaa


Aha..Korang mesti kenal minah ni sape kannnnnnnnnnn2...   

 tua-tua kata selalunye lelaki akan cari calon   
   pandai ambil hati bakal mentua that true? =p


Pabila dua pasang mata bertemu semula..terimbas kembali memori lama...eceh ceh ceh XD...Dia pakai heels 6 inchi setengah..hatoi..T_T ...

~ Soli pic ada yang ok ada x because of the simple edited...   

   Thanx for reading and have a nice day =D

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