Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jom jom tgk theater musical ! ( 73 PINTU)


IPAC 2011. A musical theater. You are all invited to witness the Islamic Performing Arts Concert 2011 (IPAC 2011). A concert organized by the IIUM Cultural & Arts Unit carrying the divine message. We hope that everyone get to spend some of their time with us to enjoy the beautiful and creative view of music and arts while understanding the Islamic values. Various songs, plays, poems, dikir barat, zapin and nasyid will be performed by IIUM students. We also have our guest artist, Rabbani. Rabbani tu..wuhuuu!

This is my first teater in UIA .So..pada sape-sape yang free this Tuesday night ,u are officially inviting for this theater and watch my acting yang ta seberapa tu . Hehe...U should come and enjoy this theater sebab theater kali ni memang sangat-sangat best (promote sendiri) . And korang tak kan menyesal sebab teater ni penuh dengan liku-liku kehidupan di dunia yang fana ni....korang pasti menitiskan air mata lah..=P...

IIUM Gamelan Group
Gamelan Group of IIUM was established in 1992 with the aim to familiarize students with the traditional music and to promote gamelan as one of the Islamic Art. IIUM Gamelan Group is under Cultural and Arts Unit of Student Development Division. The trainers who had played significant role are Pak Djamal Bakir from Indonesian Embassy and Mr. Ku Zahir from Istana Budaya . 

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