Saturday, 20 April 2013

Janji Ditetapi or Dicapati?


This is my story yang aku tak berapa puas hati beb..u guys can take it as a panduan untuk mengundi kali ni..ya..maybe..Hopefully Perkasa tak tangkap wa lepas nie..LOLZ

Last few months ago..My father went to a programmed in Rembau and suddenly he met KJ , Khairy Jamaluddin. Then my father had a talk with him. My father told him that he has 3 childrens which is still studying in University. Then Khari offer to my father for a 'bantuan' finance for helping us in study but we have to write a formal letter 1st. And then Khairi give his phone number to my father so that if the letter had been sent to the Parlimen Rembau my father has to inform KJ so that he can take note about that. But unfortunately..after we done with the letter , i try to call his number for many times but 'he' did not answer it. Bukan stakat kol je xjawab tp msg pun sama..

Penat je aku try kol dia banyak kali tapi haremm..

Okay YB...One simple question for u...Adakah ini yg dinamakan ' Janji Dicapati ' ????... Tau ler nak PRU da tapi jangan ler bagi Harapan pada orang k...

This situation remind me to a few peribahasa that i have learned masa zaman skolah dulu....'Titian biasa lapuk, janji biasa mungkir'....'Kerbau dipegang tali hidungnya, manusia dipegang pada katanya'......................

~Thanx for Reading & Have a nice day

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